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Benefits and Advantages of Extrusions from Osborn

The extrusion process is a method of producing near net shaped components to close tolerances in one operation.

There are major financial benefits to be gained from using extruded products compared to other methods of manufacture e.g. hot rolling, forging, machining, fabrication.

Material Yield Saving

Complex extruded shapes close to the finished product profile can be produced in one operation, which enables very significant savings to be made on raw material usage. The material yield loss due to machining or finishing operations can be greatly reduced or totally eliminated by using a near net extruded section.

The higher value materials give greater savings using the extrusion route.

Short Runs

The extrusion process is well suited to short production runs.

The tooling costs are low and the production change over down time between different sections is very short. Therefore either long or short production runs are both practical and economical using the extrusion process.

The minimum quantities for an extrusion run depend mainly on the availability of the raw material but for common grades these would be:

Carbon steels 1000kgs
Stainless grades 500kgs
Titanium grades 250kgs

Design and Change Flexibility

OSE design and manufacture all extrusion tooling in-house using sophisticated CAD/CAM equipment and are able to assist the customer at the design stage to take full advantage of the extrusion process.

Modifications to die sizes can normally be achieved rapidly in-house at minimal cost and, offering design flexibility without commitment to large volumes of material.

Production Lead Times

Extrusion production lead times can be relatively short. Overall production times and costs can be significantly reduced, compared to other methods of manufacture by reducing or even eliminating machining and finishing operations.

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